Naming the "Garden of the Gods" (1859)


Around August 13, 1859, a day or so after M. S. Beach and Rufus E. Cable rode down from Denver City and staked out the town site of Colorado City for the investors in the "Colorado City Land Company", the two men were returning to Denver City, since there were no buildings to stay in. While looking through the entrance of the astonishing red rock formations, Beach declared that the spot "would be a capital place for a beer garden." But, Cable became upset at Beach's conjecture and stated, "Beer Garden! Why, it is a fit place for the Gods to assemble, and we will call it 'The Garden of the Gods.'

150 years later when descendents of Melancothon Beach visited historic Old Colorado City, they said that (1) Beach was named after a Disciple of Martin Luther - Melancothon and (2) was born into a German family. No wonder  M.S. first thought of a Beer Garden!