The Colorado Springs School History Project

Mr. Mike Kelly's sixth and seventh grade Social Studies classes from The Colorado Springs School have visited our History Center on a class project. The students have interviewed members of the Old Colorado City Historical Society and have assisted in cataloging photographs from our History Center's archives. The students conducted the interviews and recorded their results on video tape with the help of Richard Rhodes, OCCHS member. The students also provided descriptions for a variety of photographs and then scanned some of the images for web site display with the help of LaDonna Gunn, OCCHS staff member.  The photographs are available along with the students' descriptions.



This photo is of three young boys on a hill outside. One of the boys is in a soap box derby car racing down the hill. The other two boys are watching with much excitement in the background.

by Ana Nelson


A middle aged boy about 12 years old in a soap box racer going down a gravel road. One boy is in the background probably filming the race. There is also another boy watching the race.

by Dustin Carey



This photo is of a large group that are nicely dressed, so they all may be out for an official holiday gathering. In the background, there seems to be a mountain--plains scene with a small fence and maybe a telephone pole. The group is standing in front of a train and covering the tracks. The caption reads: "Colorado City Day, August 12, 1914."

by Marisa Watson


Everyone is wearing a hat. All the women are wearing a dress. All men are wearing coats. Everyone is around the train. The train looks like a steam train and there is a lot of grass.

by Brandi Morris



In this photograph, there are 22 police officers standing on steps next to the headquarters of the Fire Department. They all are wearing badges, the same outfit, and hats.

by Lexi Lavender


In this picture there are 22 policemen in front of the Headquarters fire department. The outfits are like black worn-out slacks and an old sea coat, with different silver pins, a few of them have black hats and some gray. The streets are paved and their boots are worn black leather. 1910.

by Emilie Shok



There are about 8 people sitting in a late 1920's long convertible car. There are a couple of ladies and the rest are men in the car. The people are wearing hats and in the background there is a cabin.

by Kelsey Nolan


Eight people in a car with sign attached saying "At Glen Cove on Pikes Peak No. 27 July 20, 1927." Log cabin, auto shop and water tower in back.

by Jarad Brockman



There is a man with a rope and he's running after a horse. They are in a caged-in area with dirt on the ground. The fence looks old, as if it might have been made in the early 1900s, but the guy's clothing looks like the 1970s or 1980s.

by Amy Bush


In this picture there is a man rounding up a horse in a pen. It is a wooden pen. The man is wearing jeans, a long sleeve shirt and a cowboy hat. The horse is brown with a white nose. 1923.

by Laurel Myers



The picture has a river, bridges, old cars, electrical posts, small Victorian houses, foothills, unpaved roads and a green house.

by Corey Davis



There are telephone wires, not paved roads and carriages the houses are mostly small and box shaped. The houses are made of white wash and paint. 1952.

by Areil Wiess



By the looks of the fashion and signs, and the shop I would estimate that the photograph takes place in about 1969, 1970. In the photograph there are two older looking men and a younger man, they are standing in front of "Scott Decorating Co." They are wearing white shirts and one is wearing a golf hat, another is wearing a detective type hat. In the window of the shop the curtains are American flags and there is a lot of writing and signs in the windows.


by Shawn Henley



There is a decorating store. It has things to decorate houses or floats. There are three people there they could be buying decorations.
by Corey



In the photograph there are about six boys on top of a hill. Five of them are watching one boy go down a hill on a little home-made cart. The boys in the back look like they are having fun. Most of the boys are wearing overalls. I would say this is in the early 1900s, like around 1920.

by Matty Suggs


This photograph is a photo of a group of boys that are around 13 years old. They are watching a boy ride a wheeled cart down a hill. They are wearing overalls and the time period is around 1937.

by Aaron Rosenbaum



In the picture, there are three boys standing in front of a big rock. They're all wearing big coats and boots. They look like they have been walking and are just taking a rest. It looks like it was taken in 1940.

by Sarah Oliphant


In this photo, there are three people leaning casually against a large rock. It is during some time in winter. They are wearing heavy clothing, and there is snow on the ground. There seems to be some kind of ski poles and heavy cross-country skiing boots. 1930's-1940's.

by Kaitlin Walter



There are two men inspecting porcupines. Some of the porcupines are hanging from the tree by some sort of stringy material. In all, there are two porcupines moving around, four porcupines hanging from the tree, and one in a man's arms.

by Brandice Graham


There are two older men in there 30's or 40's. There are porcupine a few hanging and a few haning on wires hanging on a pole. The men are looking at the porcupine. 1940.

by Brian Bloss



Eight boys; three sitting in home-made cars. It seems as if they are about to begin a race. The weather seems a bit cold. Light patches of snow patch the earth. The picture looks like it was in 1941.

by Maggie Robinson



Very sunny. This looks like a little derby race between 3 contestants. 5 viewers are standing next to the racers. Each car has a different chaisis and they are wearing some kind of helmet. Three viewers are behind the racers ready to push them. No shoes and some grass in the background. 1940's

by Beau Garvey



This is a photograph of 19 boys around the age of 20. They are dressed in a workhouse style. The expressions on their face seem bored, almost like they didn't want to be there. I would guess the date would be early 1920's.

by Sami Johnson



There are 19 people. They all look about the some age. It looks like they are working. The year looks about 1918. The building are made of logs. Not finished wood.

By Emily Solon



Two people sitting by an open tent eating. To the left there is a small dirt road and an old car. The background are hills and trees.

by Mikaela Meredith



Dirt road in foreground. Car parked on road. 2 men resting, eating and drinking in front of tent, all of which is behind the road. Hills with bare trees in the background. Looks like a winter in the 1920's. Men have heavy clothing and hats.

by J.P. Medved



One boy with two wood skis out in front of a wood cabin with a sign labeled, "Aurora Lodge." He is dressed in late 1800s early 1900s ski attire. The house has hoarse rail fence.

by Thad Vickery



There is a man standing in the doorway of a ski lodge. He is holding a pair of ski's and another two pair are to the left of him, stuck in the snow. Aspen trees are to the left of him and one tree is to the right of him. A path is in front of him with dead grass all over the path. He is wearing a cotton jacket with cotton pants and tall leather boots. 1915-1930.

by Tessa Gurley



It may be in the 1930's around summertime within a city. A young girl about six to eight is standing in front of a car for "Scott Decorating."

by Danielle Carter (Anne Stone)



The background is a old log cabin in the forest with cowboys and saddles no horses, with chaps and white shirts.

by Katherine Lindroth-Gendron



2 cowboys rest by a log cabin while the sun beats down on their bodies. 2 saddles sit on a hitching post that they rest on. Their hats shade the sun from their sweaty brows. 1940's.

by Caitie Wickman



Manitou and Pikes Peak II train heading up a mountain front ground, background--more railroad and the mountain it's heading up. Probably around November because there's snow on the ground. Between 1904 and 1908.

by Lo Breslin


There is an old train moving on a railroad through the mountains. There are no buildings. It looks like the train is in a very remote area. The train is the cog railway train. 1949.

by Dylan Cooper



There are some men playing golf with mountains in the background. A man is pulling back his golf club to hit the ball. There is a lake in the background. It was taken in 1900's. There is one building in the background and a railroad track with poles.

by Meghan Rice



They are playing golf and there are a couple of buildings in the background. The mountains have snow on them. They might be around the Garden of the Gods. And there's a guy on a horse. 1905-1910.

by Graham Sinclair



Briarhurst House, Manitou Springs. It is fall or winter time because there are no leaves on the trees. A dated mansion made of stone. There is brush all around the house. South west side of the Garden of the Gods. In the late 1880s early 1900s.

by Cameron Trujillo


A big house with trees in front of it and a hilly area behiind it. The house is brick. Its in Manitou. 1895. By Colin Crary



In this photograph there are six workers dressed in elegant clothes in front of the White House Restaurant. This picture was taken in 1918 for a postcard.

by Alex Wilson



It is in front of the White House Restaurant. There is 6 people in front of the restaurant, and it looks like they all live there. It is during the day and it looks like they are part of the restaurant. There are three women dresed in white. There are 3 men. Two are in white and one in black. He is in the middle and looks like the manager. I think it is in 1942.

by Rob Pingel



Four men are chopping logs. They are standing in a grassy field with a forest behind them. All four men have hats on with long sleeve button down shirts and jeans. 1930s.

by Megan Barry

Chopping wood to build something. Four men wearing pants, cotton shirts, and cowboy hats, pine trees in background, dry ground, short grass and plants.

By Larkin E. Flora



There are a whole bunch of rocks all towards the bottom of the page. And then there is a group of people waiting for the train which is small and very dark. Then there is a small house or I would guess a train station and it is all of these different colored stones and bricks.

by Whitney Hobbs



Top of Pike's Peak with building on top and cog railway car. Building is made of stone. 1905.

by Eric Apfel



There are a bunch of people watching a horse race. All of the women are wearing hats, and long-white dresses with their hair up. 1900's.

by Elizabeth M. F.



A large amount of people standing near a small town wearting english/victorian clothing. Several horses and many wagons. Several dirt roads.

by Zachary Wilson



Fire fighters fighting a fire in some log cabin. There are 16 people in the picture. The picture was probably put in the newpaper. The picture was probably taken in the 1890's.

by Ted Buettner



Old house in the mountains is on fire. About 10 people/fire fighters are there. There is a fire hose putting out the fire. The poeple are wearing white shirts, pants, and suspenders. There is a train passing by. 1920's.

by Coral Thompson



Train, 3 people, girl posing on train to make herself look good for the photograph. Estimate date 1968.

by Mais Korniyenko

The photograph was taken on the Pikes Peak Cog Railway. A train is in snow with the engine disconnected from two other cars. A girl is posed on the coal car. The passengers are waiting for the engine to hook up again. Year taken about 1942.

by Kittrick Smith



It is a stage coach stopped to rest. The driver and his box man have reins on the box seat. 1850.

by Patrick Creeden



This picture has a 6 horse carriage with one horse behind the carriage. Two people are mounted on the carriage one with a brown vest, white hat, and white long sleeve shirt. The other man is in a nice black tuxedo with a black hat and there is one more man on the ground in the same as the tuxedo man. They are next to a mine and railroad. This picutre was probably taken in the 1890's.

by Jason Peters



It is a old factory, that had many workers. They are wearing old nice stuff. They have a telephone. I think it was made 1940's because of what they are making.
by Nathan Felt Goldstein

Many men and women are hard at work dealing with a pile of films. It must be in the late 40's early 50's because the clothing especially for the women they all have simple looking dresses, and their hair is done in a bun with scarves around their neck.

by Kate Deeny



It's a picture of a town (Colorado Springs). It shows a street with a lot of people and cars on the street. The street was flooded and the people are watching the flood.

by Dan Timmons



Many people are walking down the streets of Colorado Springs. The date is 5-30-35 during the Colorado Springs flood. Water is on the streets, it is spring and the trees are blossoming. Old cars on the streets. The people's pants are wet and the men are wearing top hats and coats.

by Carly Chesen



There is a small man riding on a small wooden wagon, which is being pulled by 3 horses on a small prairie like place. The man is wearing a hat and jacket that look old.

by Daniel Lawler

Team of three horses pulling harvester cutting vegitation. Small part of vegitation cut, trees, wind breaks in background, man driving, holding whip, harvester holds corn.

by Brandon Griffin



A phone company with: a typewriter, a lady answering a phone, etc. There are exactly 9 people in this picture.

by J. T. Crepps



This photograph is a picture of a work office. This photo has a wood floor with 10 wooden desks. There are 9 women in this picture who are typing, talking on the telephone, or asking others questions. I think that this may be a picture of an operator's service. 1950.

by Natasha Kiemnec



It is from May 30--25. It has a lot of log cabins. It looks like the roads have been flooded by a big rain.

by Rand Hassell


The photograph is of what the Carnival Grounds in May of 1935 looked like after a flood. Most of the surrounding house aren't damaged. Four people have made a line and are resucing some things from a house. The Farris wheel and Mary-Go-Round are still standing. Otherwise the carnival is a wreck.

by Susanne Windeler.


My photograph is of a train wreck. It looks like only two cars fell off the track. When they fell off of the track no fire was started. It looks like a passenger train. I do not see any survivors but this may have been taken a day to a month after the crash. 1880.

by Clare Trissel


A canyon with a river. There is a busted train engine rolling down the side of the mountain. There are 5 people 2 adults and 3 children staring at the broken train. 1935.

by Charlie Seglen

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