Like so many individuals, S. M. Buzzard came to the Pike's Peak region from Iowa by way of the South Park mining camps in October 1862. He remained in the region working at various jobs until his death many years later.

When Buzzard first came to Colorado City, Buzzard was working for Webb Milner of Milner Brothers, hauling vegetables to the South Park mining camps. The Milner Brothers apparently spent their winters on the Randall and Sweetland ranch on Bachelor Flats located four miles below Colorado City. While in Milner's employ, Buzzard recalled attending the dances held at the El Paso Hotel in Colorado City. Lant Bell was the musician, playing both the violin and triangle.

In the spring of 1863, Buzzard stayed on at the Randall and Sweetland ranch as a ranch hand and farmer. Because "none of the men knew much about farming" and Buzzard did, Buzzard sowed the grain seed for all of the farm owners on Bachelor Flats.

To defend himself against the plains Indians, he built his ranch home recessed into the ground, so that he could fire out, but attacking Indians could not get in.

During the 1860s, horse racing became a popular pastime in the Pike's Peak region. Buzzard recalled several races, and more particularly, the Sheidler and Flannegan race, which Buzzard won $500 from J. B. Riggs. Some of those races took place along Colorado Avenue.

NOTE - The society has the complete 30,000 word manuscript of a presentation S. M. Buzzard made to the El Paso County Pioneer Association in 1923. It also has a one hour Video Tape interview of his great grandaughter in 2009. In time both will be added to this web site.


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