Booming Colorado City (1859-1860)

by LaDonna Gunn

CC1861 After the Colorado City Town Company founded the town on August 12, 1859, the Company began selling lots to eager buyers. The town grew quickly. During the remainder of 1859 and early 1860, these eager pioneers built over 200 houses and businesses. The residents built the buildings mostly out of logs and the false store fronts out of hewed-wood. But, some people quarried stone out of the nearby hills and cliffs to construct the buildings. Also, during the winter of 1859 and 1860, the Town Company contracted men to construct a wagon road through Ute Pass to accommodate the South Park mining camps. In return for the labor, the Company paid the construction crew in town lots.

Among the early businesses in Colorado City were the Higgins, Cobb, Baker, and Jones stores; the Tappan & Co. mining supply store; John George's saloon; Lucy Maggard's boarding house; and others.



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