Anthony Bott was travelling to Robert Finley's sawmill on the Templeton Gap road. Bott stopped at Templeton's place, and Templeton explained that someone had just shot at him, barely missing his head. Templeton believed that the unknown assailant had to be one of the mysterious murderers from Fremont or Teller county. Although Templeton pleaded with Bott to stay the night, Bott went on to Finley's. After arriving at the sawmill, Bott told Finley about the near murder of Templeton. The next morning a stranger rode up to Finley's sawmill on a well-bred horse. Bott immediately believed this man was the unknown assailant, and Bott advised Finley that they should either capture this man or kill him. Not agreeing with Bott's conclusion, Finley refused to do anything to the stranger, and he rode off unharmed. Later Bott learned that the stranger had stolen the horse near Canon City in Fremont County.

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