George H. Tappan

Information Compiled by LaDonna Gunn

As with other early entrepreneurs in Colorado City, George H. Tappan and his brother, Lewis N. Tappan, not only owned and operated a general store in Colorado City, but also operated a store in Denver.  In the summer of 1860, the two brothers opened their store after constructing the first frame building in the town--two stories high.


Besides running the general store, George Tappan was the first postmaster in Colorado City. On August 7, 1861, Tappan was elected one of several directors of the El Paso Claim Club, a vigilante form of early government.

Although the Tappan brothers operated a general store in Denver, George apparently lived in Colorado City. During the fall of

1861, George had a "concrete" house built south of Colorado City. A young man by the name of Pollard built the house; and M.A. Foster did the carpentry work. George lived in the house with William Tappan.


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