Colorado City Journal

El Paso County Convention

Source Information: "El Paso County Convention." The Colorado City Journal, 28 November 1861. Original in the Archives of the Old Colorado City Historical Society, Colorado Springs, Colorado.

At a Mass Convention holden in Colorado City, C.T., Nov. 24, 1861, for the purpose of nominating candidates for county officers to be supported at the ensuing election, Alex M. Smith was elected President; Messrs. Gray, Bain, Maun and Ad Hill, Vice Presidents; and George A. Bute Secretary of said Convention.

On motion of M.S. Beach, the nomination was carried on by the ballot, and Messrs. Beach and Spencer were appointed Tellers by the chair.

The following nominations were the result of the balloting:

For County Judge, Alex M. Smith

For Sheriff, W.G. Price

For Treasurer, Robert A. Finley

For Clerk and Recorder, George A. Butte

For Attorney, S.W. Wagoner

For Surveyor, A.Z. Sheldon

For Coroner, Robert F. Moore

For Commissioners, Benj. F. Crowell, John Bley, A.D. Sprague

For Superin't of Schools, D.P. Dodd

For Assessor, S.G. Hull

After which, M.S. Beach offered the following resolution, which was unanimously adopted:

Resoloved, That we each and all of us pledge our hearty and united support to the ticket nominated by this Convention, and will labor early and late for its success.

F.A. Spencer offered the following resolution, which also was unanimously adopted:

Resolved, That El Paso county, through her Mass Convention assembled, sund a greeting to her sister county of Pueblo.

Resolved, That she has nominated M.S. Beach, Esq., of Colorado City, to represent the district composed of El Paso and Pueblo counties in the lower House of the Territorial Legislature, and asks the united support and co-operation of Pueblo county in his election.

The Secretary was directed to forward a copy of the foregoing resolution to Hon. George M. Chilcott, of Pueblo.

On motion of Robert A. Finley, the Secretary of the Convention was directed to furnish a copy of these proceedings to the Colorado City Journal for publication.

On motion, the Convention adjourned sine die.

ALEX M. SMITE[sic], Pres.

George A. Bute, Sec'y



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