Colorado City Journal - Extracts

Source Information: The Colorado City Journal, 28 November 1861. There is one full size copy in the Archives of the Old Colorado City Historical Society, Colorado Springs, Colorado. Dave Hughes owns one original copy of this issue, and it is in his possesion.

ARRIVALS: Gavin, from French Gulch and John Adlleman of Delaware Flats, have appeared among us as residents for the witner. Also, Rev. Wm. Howbert and family, accompanied by several other families from Buckskin Joe, Tarryall and other places in the mines--all to spend the winter, and many to make their permanent abode in our romantic young city. ____________________

MORE STORES: Last week we alluded to the crying want--more stores! Especially is there wanted a good tin and stove store, and a dry goods store. The ladies will dress well, wear hooped skirts and all that, no matter what the cost. Now who will be the fortunate man to supply their needs in this direction?


The Commissioners appointed by the Legislature to select a site for Capitol buildings, have we believe, chosen the public square, and several adjacent blocks for that purpose. Property in that neighborhood will, as a natural consequence, appreciate in value.


ACCIDENT: The overseer and foreman on Mr. Young's Ranche on Fountaine qui Bouille, an old man about sixty years, was assaulted by one of the employees; a Mexican, on Saturday last and so badly injured and beaten that his life is despaired of. We did not learn the names of either of the parties.


Quite a severe blow occurred on Tuesday last, during which two buildings were overturned, one belonging to Gerish and Co., the other to Judge Pettit; both were very poorly constructed or they would have withstood the storm.



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