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Source Information: Colorado Illustrated Business Directory 1887-88, 1st Annual Volume (Denver, C. A. Boland, 1887). Original in the Archives of the Old Colorado City Historical Society, Colorado Springs, Colorado. ____________________________________________________________

Page 205


Colorado City Business Directory
Armentrout, E. A., Groceries | Mahoney, A. M., groceries
Coby, Henry, livery and feed stables | Nichles & Frund, saloon
Colorado Midland R. R. Co., material yard | Pfifers, Mrs., hotel
Colorado Stucco Brick & Cement Co. | Roberts, C. D., saloon
Roberts, C. D., saloon | Faulkner, J. D., Groceries
Robinson, John, saloon | Green A., saloon
Schell, Charles, hotel | Granger, W.H., saloon
Shover & Kent, blacksmiths | Hill & Stewart, contractors
Stockbridge, A., wholesale Keller, liquors and bottler | Keller, Mrs. John, groceries and saloon
Stuart, Alvin, dry goods


Manitou has been frequently characterized as the Saratoga of the west. In many respects the destination is a happy one, while in others it falls short of an adequate description. Manitou is a Saratoga, in that it possesses renowned medicinal springs, is provided with spacious and elegant hotels, and is the summer resort of the refined, elegant, and wealthy, the seekers after the health and pleasure. It is not a Saratoga in that it is surrounded by some of the grandest and most beautiful scenery in America. For those who admire the grand in nature, the mountains tower in the western heavens, marshalled and captained by Pikes Peak; for those who are moved by vastness, the mysterious plains stretch boundless to the east; for those who love gentler aspects, the valley of the Fountaine-que-Bouille, glowing with greenery and pranked with flowers, affords perennial pleasure. In a word, Manitou is the most popular resort in the west. It is situated six miles west of COlorado Springs, immediately at the foot of Pikes Peak.

Population 1,000 Elevation 6,324 feet_________________________
Manitou Business Directory
Barker Hotel, C.W. Barker, prop. | Creighton E.P. saloon and billiards
Bell, T. G., saloon and billiards | Davis, R.M., native jewelry
Boynton Bros. boots, shoes, and gents' furnishings | Davis, W.A. livery
Brobst, J. shoemaker | Davis W. A. druggist
Brookside House, Mrs. L.W. DuBois, prop. | Fuller, W. E. restaurant
Brown and Grafton, real estate and insurance | Germania House, C. M. Leibold, prop.
Butler, E. barber | Gillis Bros. contractors and builders
Carry and Maulding, restaurant | Gould, Barnes & Co. Manitou Transfer Co.
Central Hotel, F. Herman, prop. | Grant, C. A. views and specimens
Cliff House, E. E. Nichols, prop. | Hall, Cox & Co. restaurant
Clute, N. F. gen'l repairing | Herrman, F. hotel
| Hook, W. E. photographer
| Huntington & Co. dry goods, boots, shoes and groceries

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