Legislative Assemblies

Territorial Government

Second Session

Source Information: Thomas B. Corbett, "Legisative Assemblies, The Legislative Manual of the State of Colorado, 1st ed. (Denver: Denver Times Publishing House and Bindery, 1877), 213-214. Original in the Archives of the Old Colorado City Historical Society, Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Second Session of the Legislative Assembly convened at Colorado City on the 7th day of July, 1862; adjourned to Denver July 11th. Adjourned sine die August 15th, 1862. COUNCIL

N.J. BOND of Park, President; JOHN HOWARD, Secretary; MATT. REDDLEBARGER, Asst.-Sec.; AMOS WIDNER, Sergeant-at-Arms.

H. J. Graham Weld and Larimer First
H. R. Hunt Douglas, Arapahoe, Weld and Larimer First
Amos Steck Arapahoe Second
Wm. A. H. Loveland Jefferson, Gilpin, Clear Creek and Boulder Second
Charles W. Mather Gilpin Third
N. J. Bond Park, Summit and Lake Third
Henry F. Parker Gilpin Fourth
J. B. Woodson Fremont, El Paso, Huerfano, Conejos, Costilla, and Pueblo Fourth
A. U. Colby Clear Creek Fifth
Henry Altman* Summit Sixth
E. A. Arnold Lake Seventh
Robert B. Willis El Paso Eighth
J. M. Francisco Huerfano and Pueblo Ninth
*In place of Samuel M. Robbins resigned. R. O. Bailey unsuccessfully contested his seat. REPRESENTATIVES

GEORGE F. CROCKER, of Lake, Speaker; WILLIAM TRAIN MUIR, Chief Clerk; E. P. ELMER, Assistant-Clerk; RICHARD SOPRIS, Sergeant-at-Arms.

Daniel Steele Weld First
Joseph Kenyon Larimer, Weld, Boulder, and Jefferson First
Charles F. Holly Boulder Second
D. C. Oakes Arapahoe and Douglas Second
C. G. Hanscome Arapahoe and Douglas Third
Edwin Scudder Arapahoe and Douglas Fourth
William M. Slaughter Gilpin Fourth
William A. Rankin* Gilpin Fifth
H. B. Hayes Gilpin Fifth
Jerome B. Chaffee Gilpin Sixth
J. W. Hamilton Clear Creek Sixth
James H. Noteware Clear Creek Seventh
Wilbur F. Stone Park Seventh
O. A. Whittemore Summit Eighth
R. R. Harbour Summit Eighth
Daniel Witter Park Ninth
John Fosher Lake Ninth
George F. Crocker Lake Tenth
M. S. Beach Pueblo and El Paso Tenth
Jose Victor Garcia Conejos Eleventh
Jose Raphael Martine Conejos Eleventh
Jesus M. Barela Costilla Twelfth
Jose Francisco Gallejos Costilla Twelfth
George M. Chilcott Pueblo Thirteenth
D. Powell Pueblo Thirteenth

*Did not appear. ____________________________________

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